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Return Policy

We are happy to provide buyers with the best service .Please  read  the store  instructions  carefully before placing an order to reduce the possibility  of misunderstanding in shopping disputes between the two parties. Sincerely hope you can establish a good trading relationship with us .

1.If   you have  a problem with the size , please contact our customer service first,and the customer service staff will give you a detailed explanation based on the information that you provide .LINE customer service  @wockeez  /  Facebook Fan Page

2.Members can enjoy a product appreciation period of seven days after the arrival of the goods,including holidays.During this period , you can apply for a return .If the seven-day period is exceeded the product cannot be returned.

   ※ The return product cannot be washed,do not cut labels on clothing,complete packing ,and attach the order list.

   ※Caution!If you are unable to apply   for   some reason ,you must be assisted by the customer service staff to apply for the return of the order via telephone or online customer service center ,which means that you also agree to the above complete return conditions , and the customers service staff can apply for the return on your behalf program .

   ※ Seven-day appreciation period calculation 

       ◎Convenience Store pickup → Pickup starts on the next day as the first day (including holiday)

       ◎ Home delivery → Sign for the parcel next day as the first day (including holiday)

3.Wockeez not accept exchange product, currently provide return product . Wockeez recommended that you order to buy the product that you like ,in case the product is in the hot list that it sold out . In addition ,if you need  to return product ,please apply two day after you pick up ,and provide your [Name],[Order Code],[Contact Number],[Return Product Name],[Return Reason&Photo]and other data,our staff will assist you return .

4. Wockeez will bear one free return shipping fee for you ,but if the order does not reach the free shipping discount after the return,an additional $NT70 shipping fee of the original order will be deducted at the time of the refund .Buyers in outer island cannot use I-bon return ,buyers nees to post by yourself ,postage allowance cap was $NT70.

5.In case of defective goods,wrong goods,etc.,please call(04-22253721) the customer service center (LINE customer service center @ wockeez / / Facebook Fan Page  ) to handle ,customers will re-send the goods and refund matters as soon as posible,and at the same time take back the defective goods to you.

6.Due to hygiene considerations,no return or exchange service will be provided after the sale of personal clothing.

7.Product and special conditions that cannot be returned       

  ※After  seven-days     appreciation period 

  ※ Return code expired

  ※The event gift were not returned with the return package 

  ※The product has signs of use and is damaged

  ※Residual non-commodity odors,such as perfume , body odor, smoke ,etc.

  ※The product is stained with powder makeup or stains caused by using it 

  ※Non-commodity as it is,processed on the product,such as : cutting,printing,etc.

  ※Product accessories are incomplete/have been launched or the tag has been cut(do not maintain the integrity of the product)

  ※Special packaging or product accessories are damaged (boxed product cannot be pasted directly,please return them after packaging separately)

  ※If it is confirmed that the product cannot be accepted or the product is not included in the return order,it will be return to you by home delivery payment (the shipping will be borne by you )

  ※If you can't get in touch , the returned merchandise will only be kept for one month (calculated from the date of receipt of the return merchandise).The overdue merchandise will be directly invalid .Cash or refund cannot be returned . Please be careful not to affect your rights

8.Refund time & matters needing attention

   ※The refund will be completed 14-21 working days after we receive the returned item.

   ※If you order with a credit card or Line Pay ,it will be refunded directly to your credit card account.Due to different bank operations,it is estimated that 7-21 days ,after the refund ,you can see the refund details  on the credit card statement,or you can check with the issuing bank directly .

   ※If you paid for a convenience store when you order,please provide your bank account number,and the payment will be refunded to your account based on the order amount.

   ※If the total order amount does not meet the free shipping threshold after the return,it will be refunded to your account after deducting the original order shipping logistics fee of $NT70.

   ※ If the order does not reach the original gift threshold or event discount due to the return ,the event will be disqualified after the return .

   ※if it is confirmed that the product cannot be accepted or the product in the non-return order,it will be snet back to you by home delivery(the shipping fee will be borne by you )

   ※If you can't get in touch,cancel the returned product and only keep it for one month (calculated  form form the date of processing the return ).The overdue product will be directly invalid .No refund or refund is allowed.Please pay attention to avoid affecting your own rights and interests.


  ※Customer Service -(12:00-21:00)